Working in a Company

May 16, 2018


scramble-com high-level (as in high in the tree) component that is just recording user flows/events.

cycle items I was going to write about some of the things I’ve been learning from working in a company with the company of other people.

Why is writing everything as pure functions good?

A couple reasons that come to mind immediately before the google search.

  • Easy testability.

  • Easier to understand.

Sure I think I about understand it.

I guess the biggest one is potential performance, but I am currently not usually too worried about that.

Can I write <custom-element>s in here. Sure why not. Need to make it happen first, but then it will be doable. I could even try to render simple react components to web components and just include those web components. Like I could use other web components in here that aren’t at all directly tied to my project. They would have to be imported somewhere. Would proabably want to have a registry I keep track of myself that provides links to .mjs files or something like that.

Or I could give my components a src attribute that tells them where to fetched from…

Claimable 404 pages

“Failure as a service” by gremlin is such a seductive tagline.