Figuring Out Posts

March 04, 2017

This whole taxonomy thing is hard.

It’s like, how much do you plan ahead?

Where do things go!?

Let’s say we’re making a new post. Like a blog post. You could think of it like that. Where does that belong in our file structure? Is it itself its own component. That’s a fun sentence.

Is it itself its own component?

I feel like it is. But I also feel like the post is going to mostly just be text data that can sort of just hydrate a react component tree.

I’m definitely leaning towards a post being a component though. If for nothing more than the ability to encapsulate its own styles.

I’d like to be able to write this using a Markdown editor though also.

Is that somehting I should sacrifice in the name of freedom?

I also must come back to the ideas that I’ve been circling in my head.

Time Travelling Styles, Scripts, and Crips

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