David Baker


University of Pennsylvania[2011 - 2015]

Work Experience

Workday - Software Development Engineer 3[September 2019 - Present]

  • Worked within and across (mostly) client-centric teams focused on collaborative productivity-driving applications, ie a data visualization/charting library, a text editor used across the platform, a WYSIWYG email designer.

  • Created, maintained, and organized a number of cross-team component libraries, dancing the devilish dependency dance.

  • Most client dev work was done with TypeScript, React, Redux, various CSS-in-JS libraries, webpack.

  • Maintained Jenkins CI jobs, some backend Java server code, some Node utility scripts.

Elastic Suite - Full Stack Software Engineer [January 2018 - August 2019]

  • Mostly worked on modernizing a legacy dojo single page app, porting existing functionality and building new features with React.

  • Wrote lots of tests. Unit tests. Functional component tests. End to end tests. I made sure everything I wrote had tests.

  • Occasionally worked on the backend which was basically a Ruby on Rails API that hooked up with Mongo.

Click 3X ― Senior Developer[June 2016 - December 2017]

  • Worked on a really wide variety of client projects varying from your classic web stack to cross-platform game development, VR dev for Oculus Rift, and Three.js and WebGL experiences. See projects page for specifics.

  • Built stuff using all the latest web development tools―React, Redux, webpack, Babel, Sass, etc.

  • Lots of JavaScript, including Node for backend stuff.

  • Tinkered with a few WordPress sites.

xLAB ― Embedded Systems Engineer[Summer 2015]

  • Researched electroacoustics and developed a home entertainment surround sound system, using parametric arrays and reflections to deliver highly directed sound.

  • Experimented with different crossover configurations for traditional loudspeakers to supplement the limited bandwidth of piezoelectric transducers.

Complex Systems Group ― Research Assistant[Oct 2013 - May 2015]

  • Analyzed the structure, function, and controllability of the human musculoskeletal system from a network science perspective.

  • Research dynamics and community structure in brain networks.

Alcoa ― Metallurgical & Quality Systems Intern[Summer 2013]

  • Implemented process management system for anodizing alloys of aluminum.

  • Conducted capability analysis for new rectifier.

  • Created conditional reaction plans for complex operations.

M&TSI ― Teaching Assistant[Summer 2015]

  • Provided guidance for 55 high school students in engineering labs and throughout the development of their own closed loop mechatronic prototypes.

SAAST* ― Residential Teaching Assistant[Summer 2014]

  • Served as educator, mentor, and group leader of 20 high school students in the Engineering Complex Networks program.

  • Fostered a tight-knit community through daily social activities and weekend excursions.


Frederick Ketterer Memorial Award for Outstanding Creativity in Engineering Design[2015]

Dean's List[2011 - 12, 2013 - 14, 2014 - 15]

Glenbrook North High School Distinguished Boy Award[2011]

  • Highest honor awarded by school, voted on by staff and students



  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS

  • TypeScript, React, Lerna

  • ✨ ProseMirror ✨

  • Node.js

  • Elixir and Phoenix

  • Postgres

  • C# (for Unity)

  • MongoDB


  • Breadboarding, PCB Design, SPICE

  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi

  • Laser Cutting & 3D Printing

  • SolidWorks


  • Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Character Animator, Blender, Figma

  • Spanish, Japanese


PennApps Design Team[2014 - 2015]

Penn Engineers Without Borders[2011 - 2014]

  • * I think the name has since changed to Engineering Summer Academy at Penn.