As we speak

May 24, 2018

I’m amazed there is no waffle emoji.

I just had one of those edible stroopwaffles. All stroopwaffles are edible (hopefully!), but you know what I mean.

Stop the music, he said.

In order for someone to buy in to your alternate experience, you need to captivate them immediately.

felt profound at the moment

I should add comments to moving through time and space. I should add some patterns for normatives to grab on to. I would rather have written “I need to add comments to moving through time and space.” write there.

Service worker as a database. Is that at all an interesting idea. Don’t think so.

I bet wooorm has an interesting blog. He’s at least got a fun website.


I just for the first time was able to see whoa parsing and transforming in real time in the browser of this moving-through-time-and-space page.

Damn I’m really getting very little accomplished. Or maybe almost not time has elapsed?

Here’s an idea. Frontend chaos testing. Am I just thinking of fuzz testing? Hmmm…maybe overload is a better term.

I would love to just be spinning off microservices left and right at work. Maybe not exactly left and right. But occasionally. I think that is where Chris is heading with hive, kinda. For that I would like to make the a super awesome dashboard for managing everything. Spinning up new hives with a nice wizard maybe.

a brief time

missing image ❗ ./flam-screenshot.png ❗❗ ./flam-screenshot.png ❗

There’s just no way to stop thinking about work sometimes.

Is react-commander a wizard?


/jərʌ wɪzəɹd ɑɪɹi/


a thing that walks you through a process

Just had a good idea, I think. For custom components I want in here but don’t feel like adding a whoa thing for, just write a good snippet with good tabbing..

Is Gütenberg kinda like Pages for the web?

What is pages like now??? Is it awesome? Like, it used to be pretty fun. I shall try it out.

trying it out

Oh right. It’s very static. Like things are meant to be printed. Not alive.

I would really love to get a flame chart in here right now.

  • Maybe I'll do that tomorrow interspersed with

  • One-off components should also be easier to make. Like right now I am imagining a graph of highness over time but maybe not over time, maybe over y (vertical distance from the beginning of the post) as I wrote through this post. It would like something like:

    missing image ❗ ./ht.png ❗❗ ./ht.png ❗

    Many Days Later


    Yo I have some ideas

    Think about how cool flambé🔥 could look on the touch bar.


    I think


    Here's an idea I had

    whoa could be a whole platform.


    of course

    Opinionated. Also.

    And some of those opinions. VS Code (latest). Snippets. whoa-theme, probably. Also.

    these could also be thought of as dependencies.

    But dependencies should really be explicit and modularly(?) replaceable. Like... the text editor... Is it BYO? Probably should be. You might not want dictate to that level.

    Oh yes here’s a couple ideas that I should do.

    • Add a notch to iPhoneX. And design around it.

      • This should only happen for future versions of phone though. It should be backwards compatible. I can just add a prop to choose a version of the phone and leave the default

    • flambé🔥 could be really cool for managing a team. Like everyone on the team could see everyone’s else’s charts.

    • Layers of whoa files diffed to add layers.

    Here’s something I ought to do for work:

    Different levels of abstraction

    • snippets

    • components

    I guess snippets are more of a utility or shortcut.

    Shortcut-based User Interfaces

    …where you can swap out the shortcuts between device types.

    Wait what.

    This is what I was looking for. Too bad you can’t have the bounciness on elements beside <body /> it seems. /*// ⚠️ ⚠🔮 ️be smarter about these things */It might work on Firefox, but that ain’t good enough

    missing image ❗ markup ❗❗ markup ❗

    I should probably switch from styled components to `emotion( everywhere. I'd much rather always right CSS as a string than as a{javascript object}`.

    Whoa. This is very cool.

    Wow. I’m really all over the place right now. I need to get flamecharts in here.

    More days later

    I am going to start…

    see next post

    why did I do that.

    I am going to start getting in shape. Taking care of my body. Exercising.

    I want to be able to jump higher. I might try this.

    Observe. Alter. Improve. O. A. I.

    Oooh an idea for another statistic to be added to the thing. Words per minute (typed). I guess also words per minute spoken maybe at some point, but that’s less pressing. Also if I haven’t already mentioned it,

    I should start making improvements to `whoa(` through a test-driven approach. TDD. Wait not exactly. What I mean is I should just start using markup ideas that I have

    Here is how opinionated whoa should be:

    Map to components with a set of defaults, but make all the styles customizable.

    And setting some default components.

    ❗ active admin ❗

    One of the biggest benefits to having a job right is are learning (how to make) software better. Seeing how larger decisions are made.


    screenshot of json styles in whoa-theme Needs to be better.

    There’s no question one of the best ways to ensure a project is maintained is to do it yourself? (Oh I remembered, much later in the evening. Depend upon it for your livelihood.)

    I need a component for I forgot what I was saying midway through that sentence.

    Night and day should definitely be denoted somehow.

    And location should be taken into account. So location will also have to be tracked, somewhat.

    I should also make line charts biggerable {sic}.

    I need a list of components I can use just a shortcut away, and a visual click?

    What I want is just to have people following along because they see what you are doing and are interested so they are following the story. Know what I’m saying?

    I like thinking of the idea of software engineering as removing unnecessary work. Or minimizing it. Maybe? {Removing work.}

    A component that indicates confidence in a statement. Like that last one would be given 50%? And this one also 50%.

    I was reading about quantum computing yesterday, and it’s absolutely fascinating. Maybe I go back to school for something like that. I think what I need to look at is a good concrete example of quantum computing solving a real, tangible problem. Or rather do something that normal computers just cannot do. Solving exponentially difficult e ^n.

    I need an easy superscript markup.

    If I was understanding what I was watching correctly, which I definitely might not have been, then, if you can transform your problem into certain types of matrix multiplications/operations, you can reap the benefits that quantum computing can provide.

    Though, I guess we have not yet made quantum computers with enough qubits to really be usefulneeds source. Ie there are not yet problems that can be solved faster on quantum computer than a regular one.

    🤔{I like to think of what I’m doing here as composing.}

    Not that hot: The beautiful thing about react is how data flows through your application. Right?

    Is the thing about using web standards (that is so desirable)👈somehow designate this as (meant to be read as a clause) reusability? Like across domains.

    flambé🔥 is kind of like a productivity manager. Or just a manager. For your life.

    I’d like to see a version, or filter/plugin, idk!.

    Hotness Level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Blah blah blah.

    Highness Level 🌱 Your mind as a pointer in cyberspace.

    A point of observation that collapses the superpositions into a singularity.

    Where your attention is cyberphysically sic. What.

    In my highness level…

    Highness 🌱🌱🌱 I can sometimes get high me to be excited about things, but I never come back to them if I am not high. r interested in how he’s doing it.

    Babel plugin that lets you use emoji as function names.

    Succinticitysic} is something I look for in a {language Maybe I meant minimalism?

    Statistics that show improvement. Average issue time.

    I am interested in observability and productivity. ??? Low confidence in that for sure.

    Save-level diffing that uses the same model as git,

    I guess maybe I mean attention-level.

    A question flambe🔥 should easily answer: What was I doing when I started doing this. Healthy sarcasm. yikes Where was I.{sic}

    BDD Bug Driven Development

    ehhhh. Could you say this is what Agile becomes?

    some time passed

    Could also go as EDD. error driven development

    Work Idea

    Use real data in all the components.

    From all the clients. And just test that things aren’t breaking, by throwing exceptions in places where they do.

    One of the great things about Something like Trello/Jira does is demonstrate visibility of your problems. Granularize. Make your problems, or maybe priorities, very visible.

    That’s why I need to work on Limbo a lot more! Maybe limbo should actually be somewhere like Trello. Like you send an activity out into limbo and it is continued or whatever when that thing does a certain action. Just an easy hook-in to s Insight into how your organization functions at a large scale by analyzing granular actions, like communication.

    A great starting point could be looking at @mentions.

    Cycle: Who is mentioning who? Who is is responding to who. Response times. Lengths of responses. Elements used in responses. (code blocks, images, etc.) Is more generally better? Maybe not strictly, but more be a contributing factor to doing well, depending on how it’s done.

    to depend upon it

    ☝️ possibly the wrong device there.


    Failing to compile should roll back the application I am using in the browser, ideally, right?

    Visual representations of your code executing. Objects being created, calling things, etc. Data flowing throughout. Kind of as a 3d vector field. Right?

    A way to debug is to look at snapshots of your data as it moves throughout its transformation.

    Things can be hard to understand if you can’t.

    A line plot of knowledge over time. How do you measure knowledge?

    I guess you could rank our understanding of different things through time.

    On a broader picture, it could be for life in general, not just humans. Like understanding ourselves is one thing. But understanding…is it just instinct though?

    I want to have some fun making informational websites for my own things.

    More days later

    It’s really too bad flambé’s frontend totally broke down today. With lerna needs link() issues. Might have probably had to do with something in the environment changing.

  • One thing I am pretty positive about though is that it wasn’t a babel issue. It actually wasn’t really webpack stuff either. That only cropped up at the end and seems minor. Actually, now having gotten it back up again, babel@7.0.0-beta.47 might have been a culprit somehow. So hard to pin this kind of thing down. 🤷‍♂️. Oh well.

    I need npm autocomplete in my terminal. Does npx provide that? EDIT: No, no it certainly does not. It is just sugar for ../node_modules/whatever/bin. Or global cache etc. I need a better EDITed presentation.

    And more days later

    I hope it’s clear to you, David, that the reason things are not being split into separate posts these days is because how not effortless that is to do.

    I think I do very much like the name

    It’s called everything now. I use it for everything now

    Just a spiral up here into introspection.

    The Introspective Spirals 🎸

    What is the reason I am interested in user interface?

    I want us to be able to more easily control the machines. 🤖🤖🤖🤖

    The problem I was alluding to earlier about being high and thinking of ideas and being enthusiastic about them but being too high to follow through with any ideas. And then enthusiasm fades with 🌲elevation.

    I think I should think about doing some flag-rooted features.

    I feel like watching the propogation of a new version of code

    So flambé🔥 should be the name for flame charts specifically. Not the service that is

    Here’s an idea. Accessibility modes. Or flags or sliders.

    Simple analytics, like line plot of issue count over time. Open pull request count. Number of branches. Number of forks.

    • I should add comments to moving through time and space.

    • I should add some patterns for normatives to grab on to.

    • I should do.

    • I should probably switch from styled components to `emotion(https://github.

    • I should start making improvements to `whoa(https://whoa.

    • I should also make line charts biggerable {sic}.

    • I should think about doing some flag-rooted features.