Get Swifty

July 18, 2017

This should never be published.

I have been getting extremely stressed out the past few days. My mind is just running all up and around and shit.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

That’s how I feel.

Maybe I’m just in a funk. Why am I getting so mad, so easily? /*// ⚠️ ⚠🔮 ️be smarter about these things */ Okay okay okay.

It’s like, I want to do something, but then I make some progress but not in a way that I am actually happy with 😡😠😡.


The astonished face emoji looks way doper on Samsung.

missing image ❗ samsung 😲 ❗❗ samsung 😲 ❗

I should come back to this.

The past couple weeks, I’ve been an iOS developer.

Here’s some quick thoughts from someone who usually deals with the web platform.

The autocomplete that comes with a typed language is super nice.

I’ve been using Swift (3.1), which I have found much more reader-friendly (and auto-complete friendly) than Objective-C.

Xcode seems to always be analyzing your code and finding any potential errors, before even trying to build.

missing image ❗ suggestion ❗❗ suggestion ❗

It feels like you’ve got an experienced dev beside you catching your mistakes.

UGHHH getting tired 😞.

Oh yes, really quick and totally unrelated. Making this animation library thing is what I was talking about frustrating me so. That is just a snapshot. I am not going to ever update that file.

I’m actually not that unhappy with how it is going. It will maybe one day be the full-fledged animation library I have in mind. It’s not using any external libraries. Pure HTML, Javascript and CSS.

The dream.

  • I should come back to this.