Back Into It

February 14, 2018

I am getting back into it.

Hot Takes

  • a single cli command that opens all my things back to a previous state

    • open sesame 👈 I feel like explaining workflow by telling someone “Then you open sesame and …” would be pretty fun.

  • I need a tab manager

  • I need to be working better ― I guess mostly more feature work. But not only. It’s essential UX stuff, that is keeping me from using it.

  • Fix my code commands (for opening Visual Studio Code)

  • I feel like I am only excited about many of my projects when I am a certain level of high.

  • I need a better way to {organize, group}? windows and tabs into project-focused windows.

I like to leave behind trails of fun in my codebases. 🍬🍬🍬🍬🗺

missing image ❗ skewness.png ❗❗ skewness.png ❗

I need to do more things more quickly, and then edit more things more often. More is a funny word.

Professional Quality Pull Requests

I need to get this codepen embed in here.

// I wish something like this would work for me here. I will make it work eventually.
<link rel="import" href="astronaut.html" >

Test .

See the Pen Alt Astronaut by David Baker (@davvidbaker) on CodePen.

The next day…?

I forgot to mention this yestereday sic.

Part of why I am excited about work is finally getting to work on a real piece of software that people use regularly and rely on as one of their primary tools of the trade. I kind of get to ooown the product.

What do people mean when they say David has such high earning potential?

Is programming about doing things programmatically? What does program even mean?

There is a future involving web 3.0 where there can be individual’s editions of the web. I can make any layered changes to the web and that can be served instead of the original format. Fake Web

Oh no!

I am about to go down a domain hole. Rabbit hole to the rescue! This would be a great opportunity to have rabbit holes be embeddable.

potential taglines for Rabbit Hole (aka stitch aka

  • It’s dark down there.

Wheew. Made it out. 😵

I feel like I am getting more into virtual machines} as I {think, speak?.

Ok. I should focus on Fourth Person / Box Man / ? now.

It would be☝️kind of cool if the backend were written with Phoenix Channels. Maybe a bit overboard? Maybe not. It’s all gonna have to be measured eventually. Focus now!

Can I yet use |> pipes in javascript yet with babel?

Many days later

I’d like to set a goal of writing (more).

I have a pair of glasses that I use for finding my other glasses. (exaggeration).

Fuck I’ve just spent over an hour just trying to make this thing work again. My writing tool I mean. Ughh. Okay now it will is just not reloading in the browser unless I restart the gatsby server.

Many more days later

Hot reloading is working once again!

It’s weird how things break seemingly randomly and then somehow magically work again.

  • I should focus on Fourth Person / Box Man / ? now.