July 06, 2017


I don’t know why I titled this coffee. /*// ⚠️ ⚠🔮 ️be smarter about these things */That’s something you should know about my workflow, maybe. I title and slug a post before writing, and rarely do I change it.

☕ This is the hot beverage emoji.

I always thought it was the coffee emoji.

If there’s one source I trust when it comes to emoji, it is emojipedia.

They have a great FAQ.

🙋 Emoji or emojis? What is the correct plural of emoji?

These are the questions.

For real emojipedia is a great resource. It’s (sic) got the latest on what is to come in the future of emoji, with the next versions of Unicode. Currently, we (the world) are on Unicode 10.0 and Emoji 5.0. Emoji proposals for Unicode 11 were due July 1, 2017, so it looks like that ship has sailed ⛵.

I wonder who is behind it (emojipedia)…

It looks like Jeremy Burge is the man behind the 🎭.

Yes he is indeed. He’s a member of of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. I wonder how you get to that point in your career. Bouncing around the Unicode website now. It’s interesting to see who the full members of the Unicode Consortium are. Here’s a snapshot from their site.

missing image ❗ unicode-consortium-full-members ❗❗ unicode-consortium-full-members ❗

Should we (the people) be concerned that Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Google et al are deciding what emotions we can feel??? Probably not. I’m more worried about one of the two individual members with over 20 years as a member of the consortium—the one named Tex Texin. It costs $18,000 per year to be a full member of the consortium (as a company or organization, that is.) An individual can join for $75, but it looks like that doesn’t buy you a vote at the technical committee meetings.

Why would an individual want to join the Unicode Consortium? Obviously, to “demonstrate your commitment to the field”.

If you are a technical professional in areas of software globalization, software internationalization, or font technology, joining the Unicode Consortium demonstrates your commitment to your field. As an Individual member, you have full access to email lists which allows you to join discussions on the ongoing development of the Unicode Standard. Individual members may participate in technical committee meetings at the discretion of the chair.

Jeremy Burge is certainly committed.

Would it surprise you if I told you this 👇 was Tex Texin?

Well it is.