June 30, 2017

Real quick I just wanted to take a snapshot of this phone component I made over the past couple days.

missing image ❗ phone-component ❗❗ phone-component ❗

One thing I am realizing is that I wish I could just use .whoa syntax anywhere I wanted to. Would it be too distracting for straight up writing to be amongst the weeds of a javascript file?

That way I could have more control over components—total control of the DOM—within a post.

In fact, with Web Components, I might be able to do literally everything from the browser.

Hmmm. Maybe not… Going backwards from editing a component to a source file might be tricky, so I think I would run into some intermediary problems.

Like I’m not sure if I’d be able to edit components AND retain state. 😲.

This post really went nowhere and I probably should redact most of it.

Oh also I thought about writing this earlier, but then forgot, and am now questioning its consequences.

I see signs all the time.

Those signs are usually telling me to smoke more weed.