April 03, 2017



All Markdown should work.

Because Markdown is dope.

So EXPRESSIVE AND fast. I wonder what happens when this line breaks. Might be something be baad. Indeed. indeed Indeed indeed..

And here’s onemore.

Let’s see… . when this is all said and done, those dots should have appeared one by one.

const foo = (bar) => { 

Depth 2 Title

Just is a weird word.

Let’s explore its etymology.

So is token.

Been going slow and steady on this here thing. But excellent progress is being made!

To be fair with myself, I didn’t know what an Abstract Syntax Tree really was a few days ago.

So you start off talking about one thing, but then! /*// ⚠️ ⚠🔮 ️be smarter about these things */This is a tangent. You can tell by the way it isis enclosed by |pipes| and -hyphens-. Well actually once it has been made you shouldn’t be able to tell that it is enclosed like that. Except in the editor.
Now we need some text going afterwards to make sure the tangent is working.