Trying Something Out

June 01, 2017

Tonight, I wandered the streets of Bushwick and Ridgewood in search of inspiration. I found none.

If you walk 👈 west from the Ridgewood area down Wyckoff Street, you eventually hit Jefferson Street and the Jefferson L stop.

My memory tells me they—the entrances—look like openings to military bunkers.

My memory is not very good. At some things.

Further west, down the street, the street dead ends into a tall concrete wall. What is behind that wall? Should I just walk down the street, south perhaps, and then further west, to see what is on the other side?

Do I care what’s on the other side?

missing image ❗ rowing-away-time ❗

/*// ⚠️ ⚠🔮 ️be smarter about these things */You can tell things are getting a little out of hand. By the way nothing is coherent.
See, that didn’t make sense. I am scattered. Who is rowing that boat? Where am I going?

I’m not even looking the right direction. 👉

Are you?

I need inspiration. Where do I find it? I must do more! Are you satisfied with the life I am living? I would say I am not. I am not doing anything worth writing home about. That is a problem. But can’t I do things for myself? 😒.

I need to find meaningful work. I need to do meaningful work.

I must.